Monday, July 31, 2006

Brad Pitt: Just Because

My posts are usually inspired by some kind of event happening in the world. But I'm making an exception in this case, because:

1. the world is so depressing at the moment that I am unable to transform any aspect of it into an aesthetically pleasing post;

2. it's Brad Pitt. With long hair. Do I really need a reason?

This is a stunning picture - strong muscly arms, intense stare, and that beautiful long bleached hair. And I really like the subtle (if unintentional) suggestion that his wrists might be tied together.

A bit softer and more clean-cut, this one. But that smouldering look still does it for me. The Italian caption says something like 'blonde, blue eyes... with a smile that sets feminism back 25 years'. I know what they mean.

From around the time of 'Kalifornia', I really like this look - a little bit trailer-trash, a little bit rock god, and more aggressive than the picture above.

From 'Legends of the Fall' - I'm not so keen on the cowboy look myself.

He's got long bleach-blonde hair, he looks sort of pensive, he's got a cigarette on the go... and he's playing the guitar. Be still my foolish heart.

Thanks to 100% Brad Pitt.


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Anonymous said...

He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen and this is most definately the best photo. What do you think he's drinking? JD? Bud?

lori said...

I have one on my youtube page. A must see...Brad is beautiful and with long hair? There are no words. Check it out if you get the chance or view my website

Anonymous said..., it's all about Brad

Anonymous said...

I like BP, but not with a mustache. Why not post a pic of him playing in the film Interview with a vampire?