Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sebastian Bach

I admire the blokes featured here for all sorts of reasons besides their appearance: talent, intelligence, that sort of thing. But I'm afraid that in the case of Sebastian Bach, there is no such excuse. I hardly know anything about him (although a quick nndb search just turned up the fact that his sons are called Paris Francis Muir Bach and London Siddhartha Halford Bach, which is quite impressive) or about Skid Row. But he is, without question, very very sweet eye candy.

So, without further ado:

Thanks to for this one:

This is as good as long hair gets, I think. At times it's a bit too clean and perfectly cut and veers dangerously close to 'like you've just stepped out of a salon', at other times it's almost poodle-y, but never quite crosses the line.

So, in conclusion: mmmmmmm.

Should you wish to research Mr Bach further, his Myspace page is here and his official website is here.