Sunday, July 23, 2006

Will Turner (Orlando Bloom)

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 this week; great film, and a plethora of scruffy long-haired men for your viewing pleasure. Having already done Johnny Depp (as it were...) I will now celebrate the other fine piratical specimens.

So this post is dedicated to Orlando Bloom, who for the first time looked like a proper man in this film. His hair is nowhere near as long as I usually like, but he looks very good nevertheless. As Legolas in Lord of the Rings he had the kind of hair I usually like - very long, straight and blonde - but I didn't fancy him. The elves were a bit too sappy and ethereal-looking for my tastes. Yes, I like girly hair on men, but I like them to have a tough, sexy, masculine look to complement it.

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Mrs. Candy said...

What a delightful looking young man. One wonders what other physical attibutes, apart from his divinely luscious locks, swing gently in the breeze on a warm, summer afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Oh My God! :P ! He is soo gorgous.. ive got the biggest poster of him on my wall, and hand signed autograph of him on a photo of him and i got a card from him too! I'm his biggest fan ever man! i love him xxx :D:D:D:D