Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Commodore Norrington (Jack Davenport)

Mr Jack Davenport as Norrington, or, an object lesson in the powers of long hair and a bit of roughing up.

He's an excellent actor who has been around for quite a while here in the UK. As Miles in This Life, DS Michael Colefield in Ultraviolet, and Steve in Coupling, he's clean-cut, well-spoken, handsome but just not (in my humble opinion) very sexy. He played the same kind of character in the first Pirates of the Caribbean: the uptight Commodore Norrington. In a curled white wig and starched British Navy uniform, he just didn't do it for me.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2
is a different matter entirely. Norrington's had a tough time. He's lost his job and ended up as a violent drunk on the island of Tortuga. These hard times haven't been good for his health or his happiness, but god it's made him sexier.

And the new, sexy, dishevelled, leather-clad Norrington gets to take part in this fabulously exciting three-way long-haired pirate swordfight. Mmmmmmmmm. Oh yes. (Make of that what you will, Mrs Candy!)

For more Davenport goodness, visit the excellent http://www.jack-davenport.net.


Anonymous said...

Jack davenport is sexy FULL STOP!

Im sure beneath that cool, proper exterior, there is a animal waiting to burst out!!!

a perfect man ; )

amy said...

i know exactly what you mean...i didn't see the sex god within until i saw him in the second potc...wow, what a difference! i love this site by the way, the long haired man is definitley hot.

Anonymous said...

I think he looked pretty good in a wig too... ;)

Anonymous said...

Jack Davenport IS sexiness. My land, if you ask me, the wig adds a whole new dimension.... :o)

Anonymous said...

Jack Davenport in the wig I found sexy, but in the 2nd potc I found the when long hair even sexier ;-)