Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Russell Brand (and a bit of Matt Morgan)

Those of you from outside the UK probably haven't heard of Russell Brand. He's a stand-up comedian and TV presenter who has an incredible way with words and a beautifully twisted outlook on the world. It's hard to describe these things without sounding stupid, so if you want to know more, please visit the fansite. You can also see clips of Russell on Youtube, for example here and here.

In addition to his wit and talent, Russell is also extremely sexy. And, joy of joys, seems to be growing his hair. It's nowhere near long enough yet, but we live in hope.

Here he is looking serious on Jonathan Ross's show.

Classic backcombed and scruffy style.

And again, with a cheeky raised-eyebrows look to complement it...

Doing the stand-up thing.

Presenting his 6 Music show. I like the dishevelled hair + white T-shirt look.

Uncharacteristically neat and shiny hair.

From a recent GQ article where Russ discusses his style. He's wearing leather gloves. (Full version available on the fansite.)

Baby Russ, aahh!

After this small feast of Russell, you may be wondering who Matt Morgan is. Among many other things, Russell presents a radio show on BBC 6 Music on Sunday mornings and his co-presenters are Trevor Lock and Matt Morgan:

Lovely as Trevor may be, I'm afraid he can't possibly be included here as his hair is not long by any stretch of the imagination. Matt, on the other hand, has relatively long locks and has a mini version of Russell's cult following. (I said cult.) So to make them happy, here are a couple of bonus pictures of Matt.

Update September 2007: Russell and Matt's radio show is now on Radio 2 on Saturday nights. New site is here.


Katie said...

Matt Morgan and Russell Brand together are sex through radio waves.

I just wish we had more Brand-&-Morgan in Canada....or any at all would be nice

Anonymous said...

I'm in Canada too and you can listen to the Russell Brand BBC Radio show online through itunes. I do every week.

Amanda said...

I'm a Canadian Russ fan also. If he did stand up in Canada I'd be there!

Anonymous said...

matt morgan is so fit i want his number does he have a fan site?

Anonymous said...

Russell is performing in Canada at the Montreal Just For Laughs festival from July 17 - 19. info is on