Saturday, August 26, 2006


Inspired by a comment from a long-haired reader, who emailed me to say that both Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow and Orlando Bloom as Legolas are wearing wigs, and therefore don't really have long hair. He also pointed out that this is why their hair looked so perfect.

Since my main purpose here is to admire men who look sexy, it hadn't occurred to me that the real/wig distinction was important. But I can appreciate that it matters to people who put time and effort into growing their hair long and keeping it in good condition.

So I thought I should explain my position on this issue. I'm not going to restrict this site to real long hair, because it would be far too difficult to verify, and in the end it doesn't matter to me. My main criterion is whether someone looks good; if they're aesthetically pleasing, I'm not bothered about the ontological status of their hair (i.e. is it real or a wig?).

However, if you'd like a more intellectually satisfying explanation, here it is:

While Johnny Depp didn't have real long hair in Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow did. Similarly, while Orlando Bloom was wearing a wig in LOTR, Legolas wasn't.

In these cases, the object of my admiration is the fictional character, whose hair is real, rather than the real actor, whose hair is fictional.

Any thoughts?


Malon said...

Myself, I don't care if they have long hair or not in reality; I just want to look at pretty men. XD

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it don't mean a thing maaan. I mean, Deppydude ain't got real gold teeth neither. I like your ontological justification though :)

JC Thomasin said...

I agree, oftentimes it's the hair more than the man that gets lusted over, so if the hair goes of the head, in our minds we still fantasize over the character who had the long hair.

Rebecca said...

I, for one, do not think that dread locks are sexy. I think they look nasty.

Anonymous said...

It depends on what I'm doing with the man.

If I'm just looking, then wigs are fine!

If I'm in bed with him I want to run my finger through it, pull it, be brushed by it and all the tantalizing stuff that the look implies, so then a wig wouldn't really work for me.

However, a wig could deliver the look that gets my attention and gets past that first step, and a winning personality could keep my interest. In other words, if I met a long-haired guy, fell for him and then discovered it was a wig, I wouldn't freak out!

Hederia said...

I agree, the characters DO have the hair. :D

Thanx for this blog! XD

Xavier said...

All I can say is: Well played sir/madame.

Anonymous said...

In the 17th century, most men wore wigs, inspired by Charles II, who started the fashion. Look at many 17th (or even 18th) century male portraits, and you'll see a LOT of attractive men - wearing wigs! And men are attracted to women who wear them, so why have a double standard?

RickyTheWildOne said...

Yeah, I agree. I just quoted you to Facebook. If it's about the character who cares if the actor really has long hair? The actor is sweet enough for bringing our fantasy to life.