Monday, December 12, 2005

Welcome To My Blog

I created this blog after searching fruitlessly for something similar - a blog by a straight(ish) woman in tribute to sexy men with long hair.

To kick off, here is a picture of the lovely Axl Rose, circa 1990.


VJ_Dallas said...

Very nice and interesting blog. You seem to have a excellent taste. As a straight male, I have found most blogs around admiring males to be plain boring or very juvenile. Thanks for this blog, I sure hope you most more often and maybe diversify into other areas. Or even let us know what your favorite sites, blogs, books, etc are.
You have talent :)

Anonymous said...

this pic was taken in 1986

8 said...

You should really put a pic of Slash and David Lee Roth here :D Damn those are hot guys :)